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Taiylor Cebulski

Unlimited Enrichment Life Coach ( ELC)

Ignited by passion, we will be the worldwide leader of innovative, effective and efficient solutions to create a better world.


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 I have my Associates of Science and am 2 semesters away from completing my Bachelor's in Psychology.  I worked with students as a coach when I was in high school, then again in college, and still as an adult.  I started in the school setting with students in 2018 and started with Global Advantage in 2019.


Seeing students accomplish goals that they didn't think they could accomplish is awesome.  The look on their faces when they finally graduate or finish classes that they were struggling with is the reason I come to work every day.

My Bucket List

1. Travel to all 30 MLB stadiums with my husband and my son (and any future kids).  The boys and I love baseball so that would be really cool.

2. Take my family to Disney World.  I have never been so I think taking my own family would be awesome.  Plus, my son is obsessed with Mickey Mouse.

3. See the Northern Lights.  If you've ever seen pictures of the Northern Lights, you know why this is on my bucket list.

Christmas.  Waking up extra early on Christmas morning to open presents, be lazy, and hang out with family all day sounds pretty awesome to me.


Favorite Animal

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