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GlobalED Solutions

School, Family, Community

Ken D. Crowell


Ignited by passion, we will be the worldwide leader of innovative, effective and efficient solutions to create a better world.


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I founded GlobalED Solutions in April of 2011 because I have a strong desire to improve the educational access, quality, and enjoyability for students and the professionals that tirelessly work to improve those students' futures. My educational background includes the following degrees and licensures:

  • BSBA Business Administration - Colorado State University

  • Masters Degree Business Administration - Colorado State University

  • Colorado School District Management - Adams State University

  • Colorado Professional Teaching License - Endorsed in:

    • Business/Marketing (7-12)

    • CTE Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE) (7-12)

    • CTE Business Pathway (7-12)

    • CTE Marketing (7-12)

  • Professional Principal License - Endorsed in:

    • Principal (K-12)

    • CTE Director (7-12) 

I strongly believe that it only takes one caring adult in a child's future to inspire them to be everything they possibly can be.  I have been extremely lucky to have numerous mentors along life's journey. However, one particular individual, Dean Dr. Richard Hill, inspired me to pursue leadership and my life has been fulfilled beyond imagination, both in the Education and Business fields.

GlobalEd provides an unwavering dedication to the constant improvement of education. By researching and then incorporating cutting edge technological breakthroughs we enhance the educational process - this is exciting stuff!

My Inspiration

I am inspired by others' achievements when they move beyond their own self doubt and see greatness within themselves. I am in awe of the creativeness and dedication of our youth to tackle big current issues in positive ways.  I believe our futures are in good hands. 

Golf, comic book collecting, wood crafts

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad.  This book challenged me to think about money in a totally different manner.

My Favorite Book

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