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Career and Technical Education - Student Pathways

GlobalED is helping our students to lead the way in the most exciting and growing career fields!  Our CTE (Career and Technical Education) Pathways allow our students to explore and begin working in careers such as IT (Information Technology), Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Early Childhood Education, Nursing, Entrepreneurship and Small Business!

Starting as early as middle school, students can enter a pathway and travel as far as they want to go!  Below is an example of a student path:

Middle School

A middle school student who shows interest in babysitting can take Family and Consumer Science and also the Red Cross CPR and babysitting certification courses.  With these certificates, the student gains the credibility to begin working at something they enjoy!

Early High School

A student who wants to further explore this career field can take Child Development, where they learn more about caring for young children.  They can earn an Infant/Newborn Care Specialist Certificate and have even more job opportunities!

Taking advantage of GlobalED’s concurrent enrollment program, the student may begin Early Childhood Education courses at their local community college.  In just one semester, the student can earn an entry-level certificate which gives them an advantage finding a job at a preschool or daycare center.

Early High School

A student may choose to continue at the college and stack up more certifications.  Next they may want to explore Entrepreneurship and Small Business, or learn more about specialities such as Childhood Nutrition or Social and Emotional Learning.  All of the certificates they have earned may prepare them to continue their education at a four-year institution or to open their own business.  The possibilities are endless!

Our students are able to leave GlobalEd with much more than a high school diploma! 

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