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GlobalED offers a comprehensive learning experience for students in grades 6–12. Our accredited online program features an engaging, personalized curriculum aimed at keeping middle school and high school students motivated to learn. We don't just settle for your typical courses like Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health. Instead, we offer additional career-focused courses, electives, socio-emotional courses, and advanced courses! Together, with the support of caring Life Coaches and certified teachers, students receive a high-quality education focused on their goals, needs, and interests.

Browse courses offered and see course credit guidelines, policies, course descriptions and credit details in our course catalog.

Course Catalog

Edmentum's Award-Winning, Accredited Coursesfor Students Grades Six through Adult

Edmentum has received countless awards for its innovative products, including a number of prestigious AEP Distinguished Achievement Awards, SIIA CODiE Awards, Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence, and The ComputED Gazette BESSIE and EDDIE Awards.
Edmentum offers Global students more than 300 courses, including core subjects, career and technical education, world languages, and advanced courses Edmentum offers comprehensive online courseware that is based on real-world skills and aligned to state and national standards. The rigorous and engaging content is designed to meet each student at his or her proficiency level through the use of media-rich and interactive experiences.

• Tailoring the learning experience to each student's individual learning style and pace

• Helpful, personalized feedback to guide students towards academic growth and achievement

• Regular communication with students and families through Zoom video conferencing, phone, email, or text

• Promoting self-directed learning skills

• Live lessons and department live help hours

Our certified teachers arespecially trained to bring online learningto life for every student through:

Enrichment Life Coaches set Global apart as one of the Nation’s foremost supporters of students and families who choose an online, flexible, and blended learning journey. Our Life Coaches are caring adults who meet weekly with students to guide, support, and motivate students as they create a pathway for success both socially and academically. Life Coaches build relationships with students, learn about their goals and interests and connect them to clubs, resources, and programs geared toward their interests.

Build Essential Career-Relevant Skills
Help individuals build the essential career-relevant skills needed for learning, personal development and effective job performance with the ACT® WorkKeys® Curriculum. 
ACT has been working to improve career readiness and close the skills gap for more than 50 years. ACT WorkKeys Curriculum is a proven tool for helping individuals acquire skills critical to workplace success. It’s the only curriculum built from the ground up to align with ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments and the ACT® National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC®).
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